Friday, February 16, 2018

Working with Calendars in SWIFT

You can set up multiple calendars for a given year. This enables logical terminals to have their own calendar, which can be useful if the LTs are located in different countries, with different working days or public holidays.

If multiple calendars have been defined, then the available calendars are displayed when the Calendar application is started. This list also shows which Calendar is currently set as the default.
You can use the Calendar application to create additional calendars.
You have to set up a calendar if you want users to be able to schedule Alliance Access processes to occur automatically.

Alliance Access users can only schedule processes if the operator profiles allow them to do so. After you create your calendar, you must modify the appropriate profiles. For example, you may modify a profile so that operators can use the Message File application to schedule message archiving.
Once you have created a calendar and modified the profiles, any users with the appropriate profiles can schedule processes.

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