Saturday, February 10, 2018

MT n96 Answers

MT n96 Scope

This message type is:
  • sent by one financial institution to another financial institution.
  • sent by a corporate customer to a financial institution.
  • sent by a financial institution to a corporate customer.
It is used to respond to an MT n95 Queries or MT n92 Request for Cancellation and other messages where no specific message type has been provided for the response. This message should use the same category digit as the related queries message or request for cancellation.
For use of messages in the corporate-to-bank environment, see the MT message implementation guide and message matrix for corporate customers available on

MT n96 Format Specifications

Status Tag Field Name Content/Options No.
M 20 Transaction Reference Number 16x 1
M 21 Related Reference 16x 2
M 76 Answers 6*35x 3
O 77A Narrative 20*35x 4
O 11a MT and Date of the Original Message R or S 5
O 79 Narrative Description of the Original Message to Which the Answer Relates 35*50x 6
O Copy of at least the Mandatory Fields of the Original Message Copy of fields 7

MT n96 Network Validated Rules

  • C1 Either field 79 or a 'Copy of at least the mandatory fields of the message to which the answer relates', but not both, may be present in the message (Error code(s): C31).

MT n96 Usage Rules

  • The content of field 20 Transaction Reference Number of the related MT n95 Queries or MT n92 Request for Cancellation must always be quoted.
  • The use of the MT n96 in association with the MT 105 EDIFACT Envelope must be in accordance with the specific guidelines detailed in the appropriate volume of the EDIFACT Message Implementation Guides (MIGs).
  • The message to which the MT n96 Answers is related may be quoted in part or in full.
  • The MT 296 must be used in the cheque truncation environment in answering an MT 295 previously received.
  • An MT 596 must not be used to respond to a cancellation request of any ISO 15022 compliant message. An ISO 15022 compliant status message should be used instead, that is, an MT 509, 548, or 567. In these messages, field 23G, subfield Function, should contain the code CAST (Cancellation Request Status) (see also the Standards Category 5 volumes).

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