Friday, December 29, 2017

File transfer interface

File transfer interface Alliance Gateway provides the file transfer interface to configure and manage licensed file transfer products: file transfer adapter and file transfer integrated. Both file transfer adapter and file transfer integrated can be present on the same instance of Alliance Gateway.

You can use the Alliance Gateway Administration interface that is available through Alliance Web Platform to access the file transfer interface.

File transfer adapter
File transfer adapter is a licensed product that automates file transfer between correspondents over SWIFTNet. The business application just has to make the file available on the Alliance Gateway host, and the file transfer interface automatically transfers the file over SWIFTNet, using file transfer adapter configuration data.

File transfer integrated
File transfer integrated is a licensed product that can be integrated with the business application through a third-party file transfer connecter: the business application or file transfer connecter can offer automation. To transfer a file over SWIFTNet, the business application must make the file available on the Alliance Gateway host, invoke a file transfer command (ft command), and pass all file transfer parameters to the ft command.

Real-time transfers
With real-time transfers, both parties must be connected to SWIFTNet at the same time. A connection is established between the sender and the receiver, and the file transfer software attempts to transfer the files from one party to the other through SWIFTNet.

Store-and-forward transfers
Sender and receiver do not require to be connected to SWIFTNet at the same time for a storeand-forward file transfer to succeed. The requester sends a file to SWIFT, where it is queued on a SWIFTNet store-and-forward system. When the receiver has acquired the queue, or if the queue was already acquired, then the SWIFT store-and-forward system delivers the files in the acquired queue. Queues are therefore specific to store-and-forward transfers. They are set up on the SWIFTNet store-and-forward system, where they store files from senders and queue the files that are
ready to be delivered to the receivers

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