Friday, December 29, 2017

File Transfer : File components

File components
• The file transfer header The part of a file transfer request that contains information about the file transfer, such as destination, compression information, delivery type, and so on. The data file usually immediately follows the file transfer header.
• The data file The business content of a file transfer. Parties that receive file transfer headers only do not receive files.

Main file types
• Data file The file exchanged over SWIFTNet.
• Companion parameter file When sending a file using file transfer adapter, a companion parameter file travels along with the data file from the business application to the Alliance Gateway host that processes the data files. A companion parameter file can contain extra information, such as local authentication information, override values, and header information. When receiving a file, the file transfer adapter can generate a companion parameter file to include details contained in the file transfer request header.
• XML parameter file On the sender side, a business application generates an XML parameter file that contains arguments to pass to an FT command or a local transfer agent command.
• Generated XML parameter file Local transfer agent commands store output in generated XML parameter files. A business application that receives such a generated XML parameter file can analyse it to either accept or reject a file transfer request, or to perform additional processing of the transferred file.
• Report file A report file reports about the processing status of a data file
The table that follows gives an overview of the file transfer interface file exchange modes that are possible. The sections that follow provide more information about the exchange modes in this table.

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