Thursday, February 2, 2017

What is Alliance Messenger?

It is a package for the Alliance Web Platform.
A user can perform business and administration tasks using the interface offered by the Alliance Messenger.
Alliance Messenger offers support for FIN and APC messages (MT), Standards XML messages(MX), FpML messages, and file messages (FileAct).

Accessing Alliance Messenger

To log on to Alliance Messenger on Alliance Web Platform, you need the following:
You must have a valid URL for Alliance Messenger.
This is the default URL:
– https://<host>[:<port>]/swp/group/messenger
– <host> is the Alliance Web Platform host name
– <port> indicates the port number (optional)
It is not necessary to specify a value for <port> if the default port for HTTPS is used.
swp refers to Alliance Web Platform
– group/messenger refers to the Alliance Messenger application

The Alliance Messenger Workspace

The Alliance Messenger workspace displays the Welcome page by default when you log on.
The Alliance Messenger workspace contains these areas:
Navigation area
Main area

Bottom banner area 

Menu Categories

Search and Report


Menus : Functions

Home: Returns you to the Welcome page
Create new messages (from scratch) based on specific messages types or based on existing message templates.
Modify messages in specific queues as supported by Alliance Access
Message Verification (MT messages)
Message Authorisation of MT, MX, FpML, AnyXML, and File messages
Search and Report
Search for a message or messages that you want to view. The results of a message search can be generated in a report.
Install and configure Message Standards packages.

User Assistance in Alliance Messenger

Alliance Messenger comes graphical elements to help users enter syntactically correct content in certain types of fields. They are called pickers.
Date picker
Time picker
BIC picker
Currency picker

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