Friday, February 3, 2017

SWIFT network components

The SWIFT network has an architecture that supports the requirements for a fully
redundant 24x7 secure operation that is also highly scalable. There are a number of
components to this network.

The System Control Processors are responsible for the operation of the entire
system. This includes:

● Session Management
● Software and database distribution
● Monitoring all SWIFT hardware and software
● Failure diagnostics and recovery
● Dynamic allocation of system resources
These are located at Operating Centres, 2 in the US centre and 2 at the centre in the

The Slice Processors are responsible for:
● Routing and safe storage of messages & history
● Safe-store Acknowledgements to Regional Processors
● Generation of reports
● Delivery and non delivery messages
● Processing retrievals and system messages
● Archiving, billing and statistics.

All messages are safe-stored on two media. The SP's are located in the operating

The Regional Processors are the entry and exit point to SWIFT and they support
Leased line, Dial up or Public Data Network connection. The most common method
is primary leased line with dial-up backup. They are usually in same country as the
user and provide sequence number checking and message validation, temporary
safe-storage, generation of Positive and Negative Acknowledgements and
verification of checksums.


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