Sunday, February 5, 2017

SWIFT Application Interface

The Application Interface controls the transfer of messages and files between Alliance Access
and back-office applications, printers, or any other system that communicates with Alliance
Access. Suitable messages for transferring include SWIFT FIN, MX, FileAct, and system
messages. Suitable files include payload files, or files that contain several messages (such as
for Bulk Payments).

Within the Application Interface, a message partner represents the external application or
product that communicates with Alliance Access. A message partner profile specifies how each
message partner communicates with Alliance Access, and allows you to control and monitor the
communication sessions.

Alliance Access transfers a message to a message partner through an exit point, which holds
the message in a queue before transferring it to the message partner. Each exit point is
associated with a particular message partner.

The Application Interface allows you to:
• create, modify, or remove exit points and message partner profiles
• assign an exit point to a message partner
• control and monitor communication sessions between Alliance Access and a message

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