Saturday, February 4, 2017

Search by Instance Location

Message instances can be "live" or "completed". Live message instances are held in queues and still have some processing to be done on them. Completed message instances are not held in queues and require no further processing. Regardless of whether a message instance is completed or not, a copy of it is still held in the Message File.

If you are searching for live messages, then you can specify which queues are to be searched for message instances. You can also search for completed message instances only.
Use the Instances Location tab to specify status, and location criteria of messages to be searched.

To specify Instance Location criteria:

  1. Click the Instances Location tab.
  2. In the Status field, select:
    • Any to search for all message instances
    • Live to search for message instances that are still being processed. All queues are automatically transferred to the Selected Queues list box if you select this option.
    • Completed to search for message instances that have no further processing on them. No queues are available for selection if you select this option.
  3. Queue selector
    Select the queues that you want to search in using the Queues list boxes. To do this, select the queues by moving them from the Available Queues list box to the Selected Queues list box.
  4. If you want to save your selections as a search template, then click Save Criteria before performing your search.

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