Friday, February 3, 2017

Routing, Disposing, and Moving Messages


When you start creating a message it is automatically added to the creation queue (_MP_creation). When you have finished creating the message, you must Route or Dispose it to another queue, usually the verification queue, so that processing on it can continue. If you cannot finish creating the current message for some reason, perhaps because of lack of information, and you want to go on to create a message, then you can move the current message to the Text Modification queue where you can edit it later.
The ability to dispose a message to a queue other than Text Modification depends on the permissions assigned to your profile in the relevant application (Message Approval, Message Creation, Message Modification).
The following commands on the Message menu route, dispose, or move messages from the creation queue:
Routes a message to a predefined queue following the routing rules, depending, for example, on message characteristics. 
Use of this command can be restricted to certain operators.
Displays a list of available queues so that you can select a queue to dispose the message to. 
Use of this command can be restricted to certain operators.
Move to Text
Moves a message to the Text Modification queue so that you can finish creating it (or edit it) later. For more information, 
An event is recorded in the Event Journal each time that you route, dispose, or move a message. For each message, the event describes:
  • the queue the message came from
  • the queue the message is in
  • which operator routed the message.
When a message is first created, it is assigned a suffix, and added to the Message File.


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