Friday, February 3, 2017

Messages and Message Instances


Alliance Entry can create additional copies of a message during message processing. These copies are known as message instances. For example, when a message is sent, a message instance can be created and stored in a log file, so that there is a record of every message sent. Therefore, a message in Alliance Entry is a collection of message instances.

Message instances

There are three different types of message instances:
  • Original instance
  • Copy instance
  • Notification instance (transmission, information, or history)
A source instance is the instance that is being currently processed. It can be an original instance, new instance, copy instance, or notification instance.
Each message instance has an independent existence and is processed separately from the original instance.

Original instance

When an operator creates a message through the Creation application, or when Alliance Entry receives a message, the first instance of the message is the original instance. Each message has only one original instance.
You can modify only the message text of an original instance.

Copy instance

The routing software in Alliance Entry creates a copy instance of an original instance. A copy instance is for information purposes only, and therefore, an operator cannot use a copy instance to change the message text. A copy instance can only "point" to the message text.
If the original instance is received through a "To" message partner, then Alliance Entry can create one copy instance only if the profile of that message partner requests a copy instance.

Notification instance

The routing software in Alliance Entry creates a notification instance.
After the original instance is created and sent to a correspondent, Alliance Entry can duplicate the notification instance (ACK/NAK) of the message.
A notification instance provides information about the delivery status of a message. For example:
  • The SWIFT network has acknowledged or rejected the message (that is, the original instance).
  • The message failed authentication.
An operator cannot use a notification instance to change the message text. Like copy instances, they can only "point" to the text.

Status of a message instance

A message instance can have one of the following statuses:
The message instance is being processed or is awaiting processing at one or more routing points. A routing point is a queue in Alliance Entry.
The instance has been processed.
A message is not considered to be completed unless all of its instances have been completed. When a message is completed, it can be archived.
A Live or a Completed instance that the Message Processing Function has reserved. The instance is being processed , and you cannot perform an action on it.

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