Sunday, February 5, 2017

Message Flow in the Application Interface

Message Processing Functions (MPF) control the exchange of messages between the
Application Interface (AI) and the message partners, as follows:

• The first MPF controls the flow of messages from message partners (input session) to the
inbound queue of the Application Interface. This queue is identified internally as
AI_from_APPLI. This queue is used to route all incoming messages from all message
partners using the connection methods, File Transfer, Interactive, WebSphere MQ, or SOAP.

• A second MPF controls the flow of messages from exit points to message partners (output
session). When more than one exit point is assigned to a message partner during an output
session, a polling mechanism services each exit point queue in turn.
Bidirectional message exchange (to and from Alliance Access to a message partner) during the
same session is possible with the following connection methods:
• Interactive
Message flow in an input session

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