Friday, February 3, 2017

Launch a Search for Messages, Instances, or Message Templates


You can use this procedure to launch a message or instance search, or to count the number of messages or message templates that are the result of a search.
All types of message are searched for if you do not specify any search criteria.
Internal delivery notifications for MX and File messages are created with the receiver XXXXXXXXXXX.
Operators will not be able to view these messages if their access is restricted to certain BICs only.
In such cases, it is recommended to install the SWIFTNet 7 - System Messages deployment package and configure the delivery notifications as system messages.

To search for messages:

  1. To search for all the messages that are in the database, click Search immediately in the Message File - Search Criteria window.
  2. To search for specific messages or instances, select the tab that specifies the type of criteria to use for the search:
    • Search by ID and Content
    • Search by Source and Creation - default tab
    • Searching by Transmission Details
    • Search by Instance Location
    The results appear in the Message File window. By default, the search retrieves only FIN messages.
    To display more items, select Next List from the Message menu.
    The Size of pages option, in the Access Control application controls the number of items that are displayed in a window.

To stop a search:

  • From the Message menu, select Stop Search.

To search again:

  1. To repeat a search using the current criteria, select Search Again from the Message menu.
    Any search in progress is stopped and the list of retrieved messages is updated according to the latest state of the system.
  2. To search again using different criteria:
    1. In the Search Criteria window, click Clear.
    2. Enter your new search criteria.
    3. Click Search.

To count the results:

  1. Specify your search criteria.
  2. Click Count. The message count result appears.
  3. Click OK to close the dialog box.

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