Thursday, February 2, 2017

Creation of FIN Messages Page

Page Description ‘Create FIN Message’

Sender Logical Terminal (Top Right)
The logical terminal that you want the message to be sent from. You can only send a message
from a logical terminal that is licensed for your installation. The value selected in Sender
Logical Terminal determines the message syntax version to use.
FIN Category (Top Right)
You can select a message category from the ones that are available. Each category contains
only the messages that you are allowed to create (as defined in your operator profile).
The message type.
The internal name of the message type.
Text that explains the business purpose of the message type.

Message Creation Steps
To create a new FIN user-to-user or system message:
From the Creation menu, select FIN Message: New.
Select a logical terminal from the Sender Logical Terminal drop-down list.
Select the appropriate message category in the FIN Category drop-down list.
The list of message types available in the selected category appears.

Message Header

In the message header, the identity of the sender and the receiver of the message is specified
We also provide information regarding the priority of the message, as well as other details that are relevant for the particular message.
Procedure for completing message header:
In the Sender part, select a unit from the Unit drop-down list. This is the unit to which the message is assigned.
The Sender Logical Terminal field shows the logical terminal that you have selected in the
Click Type to select the type of correspondent sending the message: Institution, Department, or Individual.

The Institution field displays the sender institution BIC8 corresponding to the logical terminal as a read-only value

Message Body

You enter the text of the message in the message body. The layout of the message body varies according to the structure of the message.
The fields that appear depend on the message type selected
Complete the fields in their displayed sequence. Some parts of the body can be collapsed to ease navigation.
To complete the body:
Complete all mandatory fields.
Complete any optional fields as needed.

Validate Messages
You can validate a message on demand at any time and correct any errors or warnings before trying to route or dispose it. Alliance Messenger indicates the fields that contain errors and warnings in a Validation Report.
For example, if errors regarding the business relationship between sender and receiver are detected, text in the Validation Report informs you accordingly.  This is an important tool for the message creator

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