Friday, February 3, 2017

Alliance Web Platform

Alliance Web Platform is the framework that hosts browser-based Graphical User Interfaces
(GUI) of the Alliance portfolio. It offers a consistent end-user interface to the functionality
managed by Alliance Gateway, Alliance Access/Entry, or Alliance Integrator. Alliance Web
Platform runs in an application server environment, enabling centralised deployment of the

Alliance Web Platform is delivered in two flavours:

• The first flavour requires a web application server (IBM WebSphere Application Server)
configured in a cluster, providing robust operational capacity such as load balancing and
resilience mechanisms.

• The second flavour, Alliance Web Platform Server-Embedded, includes the application server
that the software requires. The installer for Alliance Web Platform Server-Embedded installs
and configures the application server, customising it based on values provided during

The GUIs of the Alliance portfolio are provided as packages that are installed in Alliance Web
Platform. Each package contains a set of applications that communicate with their Alliance
server instance (Alliance Gateway, Alliance Access/Entry, or Alliance Integrator). Alliance Web
Platform offers a consistent set of services to the graphical applications it hosts.

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