Saturday, February 4, 2017

Alliance Web Platform Configuration

Alliance Web Platform and its applications are deployed on multiple hosts. The application
servers are deployed in cluster mode on multiple hosts with an HTTP server configured as a
front-end that redirects the requests to the various application server members of the cluster.

The Alliance Web Platform database is installed on a different host than the application servers.
The Alliance Web Platform database is shared among the cluster members. The Network
Deployment Manager is used to centrally administer the cluster; it can be deployed on the same
host as the Alliance Web Platform database. It communicates with the various nodes of the
cluster through Node Agents deployed on every cluster node.

The IBM WebSphere Application Server Integrated Solutions Console is not addressed through
the front-end HTTP server but the browser directly accesses the host running the Network
Deployment software. The IBM WebSphere documentation describes how to allow HTTP
servers to access the administrative console.
(SWIFT Installaation Manual)


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