Monday, February 20, 2017

Alliance Relationship Management

Alliance Access provides the Alliance Relationship Management to help you manage business
relationships with counterparties through authorisations that are sent as XML messages over
the RMA service.

You can use the Alliance Relationship Management to help you manage the authorisations for
exchanging FIN, InterAct, and FileAct messages.

While the SWIFTNet Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) authenticates messages, the RMA service
is essential to ensure that the exchange of authenticated messages complies with the
agreements of established business relationships.

Manage authorisations

You can create, modify, delete, revoke, accept, and reject the authorisations for exchanging
FIN, InterAct, and FileAct messages. It also possible to implement the 4-eyes principle for
managing authorisations, which dictates that at least two users must witness a certain action, or
the outcome of that action.

It is possible to create an authorisation for multiple BIC8s in a single operation.
You can easily search for authorisations using search criteria, including authorisations with
"anomalies" (unilateral relationships). You can also search for authorisations that have actions
pending on them.

You can view a current and new authorisation side-by-side in the Alliance Relationship
Management, which allows you to compare easily two versions of an authorisation to identify
the differences. In addition, you can add comments to an authorisation for your benefit. These
comments are stored locally, and are not exchanged with your correspondent.
RMA Plus licensed option

RMA Plus (61:RMA PLUS) is a licensed option that extends the basic application by providing
the ability to create authorisations with additional granularity for message types. Therefore, it
provides you with more control over the types of messages that a correspondent can send to
your organisation.

The application service profile of the service specifies the available granularity levels for the FIN
services and for all other InterAct and FileAct services. For the FIN service, you can authorise
the sending of messages by message type. For the other services, you can authorise the
sending of messages by request type patterns.

Exchange queries and answers with correspondents
You can send and receive a query and answer about a business relationship with the
counterparty in that relationship.
You can search for queries and answers easily using search criteria.

Administer authorisations
You can export and import all authorisations (for FIN, InterAct, and FileAct) automatically or
manually, and also generate of a report that provides details about the results. You can also
export automatically only the authorisations that have been changed.


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